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    Welcome to exit 41! I nicknamed this exit the "Farm warp" because it has so many public farms at your fingertips! All you have to do is type in chat: /warp exit41 Soon enough, all the farms here will be public. Also at this warp we have the town "New Town". This town is owned by TabbyCatt26 and CooldudeJKLMN(Me). If you wish to live in our town, contact either on of us by /mail or /msg (if we are online). Below are some things at exit41.

    The Giant Wheat Farm:

    The Cactus Farm:

    Simp's Gold Farm:

    The Melon & Pumpkin Farm:

    Simp's Crop Farm:

    Tabby's Castle:

    The thing with cacti is that it can't grow next to a solid block. In the cactus farm it grows than breaks because there is a block next to the grow cactus. The cactus goes into the water stream and into the hoppers.