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  • Where did all the friendly mobs go?

    Hi, I've been playing Aspiria for about 2 days now, and the number one complaint I have about the server is that there are almost absolutely no friendly mobs to be found in the wilderness. I can tread chunk upon chunks and only find MAYBE one friendly mob. Hostile mobs are much more common than friendly mobs, but that is only because they are constanly spawning in dark areas, friendly mobs, once dead, rarely ever come back. Since all mobs disappear every 10 minutes on the server, there are therefore virtually no friendly mobs in the wilderness. It's a wasteland, there are no rabbits to chase, no cows to milk, no pigs to mutilate, no bats to make caves feel interactive, and every naturally appearing village is a ghost town, and you therefore cant trade emeralds with villagers. I, by pure coincidence, somehow found two horses in a field, and I went to the marketplace to get a lead to take one home. When I got it to my house I put it in a cage, and a few minutes later it was gone, so therefore I cant even have a horse if I ever was to somehow find one. I found it kinda funny, level 4 on the leveling system requires you to slay 10 passive mobs. After playing for about 10 hours or so, I only managed to kill 1 mob, the only reason I was able to pass level 4 was because one of the moderators had me tp to them where they had a cow and rabbit mob spawner.
    I realize there are no mobs so the server will lag less, so here's my solution: I suggest that instead of getting rid of all the mobs every 10 minutes, just limit the number of friendly and unfriendly mobs allowed per chunk. This will allow players to find mobs without overloading the server. Owner and mods, please consider this! What do you think?


    We have this set up on blue, survival red allows passive mobs to be name tagged to avoid entity wipe.


    Server Dad
    Also if you are constantly moving from chunk to chunk you might not find any. The system spawns the entities into LOADED chunks ONLY. So if you are constantly running to new chunks there won't be animals.
    Make a big base and allow mob spawning. Place some torches to prevent from zombiest and other. It will spawn only friendly mobs that have to be renamed like Alex said.
    Only on Red does rename/name tag help. On Blue, they will always despawn so don't waste the name tag.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    You always have the option to either buy, animal spawners or ask a player to use one or multiple of theirs. Also, as stated previously name tagging animals, only works on Red survival. Mobs on blue are programmed to despawn every 10 minutes.

    Hope this Helps :D