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  • Why I have ACTUALLY been inactive.


    Greetings, Everyone. HydraKiller90 widely more known as just Hydra here.
    Oh boy. Something to get off of my shoulders.

    Some of the older players in the community keep asking where I went, including mods asking. (cough cough Haphy cough)
    I keep putting it off as "a broken PC", which really isn't the case.
    Truth is, I needed a break. My entire life was slowly deteriorating, all I was doing was playing on Aspiria. Nearly every day.
    I needed to force myself to stop. But, knowing me, I wanted to come back. Not just wanted, but needed.
    So, just in case I never come back:
    Goodbye. Thank you for giving me a reason to play Minecraft every single day.

    Sorry for the short post. It's not really an explanation, huh?
    Please stop asking me to come back. I'll try to whenever I possibly can. Thank you.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Thanks for letting us know, please take your time in returning. I would hope every Aspiria player puts their health and IRL commitments before Minecraft.