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  • Xx_Penguin is a thief and has zero honor.

    Just if anyone wants to avoid a horrible player. I was giving XP bottles to Xx_Penguin and accidentally dropped my favorite pick.
    Player then tried to extort a high value item from me for my items safe return. I refused and he tp'd out of the spawn area. After some community assistance he agreed to return item only to provide me with his item of lesser value and with only 1 enchant. I returned item and was informed to report him. I enjoy this server and was trying to be helpful towards a skyblocker in need of XP. Thusly this has angered me and has deterred me from playing. I sit in solace under a tree next to a cow. I await the punishment that may never come to a horrible minecraft player. May he enjoy my Pick like I enjoyed it. Since day one it has been with me and I shall miss it.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello, I'm sorry about your predicament. Can you please tell me the exact enchants on your lost item? This will assist me in solving this report. Also, any other details you believe to be relevant would be nice as well. Have a good day, keep your head up!

    Nothing special. Fortune 3, Mending, Efficiency 5. (from what I remember)
    I have backups and replacements but that one was with me from day 1.
    Not just another slot in my inventory, it had a special place in my heart.