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    Hi, I am Sassycat0_0. This is my first time playing in this server. It seems real nice. Everyone is real helpful and friendly.
    Some background....

    I like assorted pasta, lasagna mostly.
    I hate mondays.
    Love nap time.
    And pushing dogs off the table is always fun.

    Also, bless Notch for his creation.
    Lol nice to meet you sassycat!
    I will be playing on the blue server if I ever see you around I'll help you out by giving you a stack of iron ;)
    That is IF you are playing on the blue server...
    But nice to meet you! I hope you will have lots of fun here!


    Hello Sassycat0_0!

    On behalf of myself and the entire staff team of Aspiria, we welcome you to the server! I am thrilled to hear that you have found your time, so far, to be nice. I am also glad to hear that people have been helpful and friendly towards you.

    I too, am a huge fan of pasta and lasagna alike.
    I also do not enjoy Mondays in the slightest and wish that the day would be outright removed!
    Ah yes, my favorite time of the day: nap time. It seems that you have impeccable taste.
    Unfortunately I can't agree with you on that last one, as I would never dream of pushing my dog off of a table O.O

    Bless Notch indeed!

    I hope that you continue to enjoy your time on Aspiria, and please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns.


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello Sassycat0_0! Welcome to Aspiria! Hope you reach all your goals and have fun. If you need anything feel free to message me in-game. My in-game name is jojowildson. Have a good day!