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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
Hello guys, its BiG, and its been three years of OldTown! Thats awesome guys, we are one of the longest running minecraft communities in the world! Weve grown evolved and progressed so much and continue to do so, its great! So.. Lets start with a video showcasing the OldTown builds. :p

(Featuring OldTown Builds Video)
  1. ShopGUI - Basically using /shop - You will be able to purchase things without going to the shopping area.
  2. PVP Zone - Yes, the long awaited feature, which we had for a while before V5.0 is coming back, significantly better then before! With teams, leaderboards, op items, and "specials" you find out about.
  3. Buffs - Buffs will be special abilities you can turn on, like extra running speed, or a jump boost, Its like having a beacon effect without having one beside you.
  4. "A contest"? - Yes, we are hosting a book contest, TransparentFate, Chickensaysback, and GemmaFox will judge.
  5. More social media stuff coming @GemmaFox :)
  6. Spleef, TNT Run, and MinersDream parkour have arrived.
  7. Hub fixed up a bit.
  8. In honor of running for 3 years we would like to provide the community with a 25% off sale! It will last 3-10th, starting and ending at 12PM Pacific US Time.
  9. ChestShops have been updated to be more simple to use!

We plan to add many new awesome features this coming month, some on this list are coming within a week, some are already released, and some in beta! So join and have fun :D

Contest Info: Book Contest! | Old Town
We are very proud to present this new beautiful logo to OldTown! :)


  • Player warps have been implemented!
  • All players now have access to /back (only for death, not teleports).
  • We've implemented a new server tutorial (use "/stut start start") for new players!
You will be able to purchase 1 player warp for 75,000 coins in the GUI Shop!

Donor Player Warps
Director - 1 Warp
Ultimate - 3 Warps

We're really happy to add these features, have fun!