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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
Hello everyone, it's been quite the year!
I'd first like to say that there will be a sale on the store 20% off from Saturday, the 22nd - December 31st.

This past month has been a bit slow, we've added:
  • Companies - A pretty major feature which we plan to add onto and improve.
  • /mcmmo - A pleasant menu to see your mcmmo statistics.
  • Player Warps - Soon available as a purchase in the store.
  • We completed leveling up to 50 (the highest level, level 50 gives you an enderdragon egg).
  • Minor additions: /votetop
There are a lot more major features in the works but we will announce them when they are ready!
Please welcome Peachysnail to the staff team, she is joining us as a Trial Moderator.

Special thanks to Krideri for decorating the spawn for the holidays/new years and providing the snapshot above :)
Thank you guys for your continued support! Happy holidays!
Hello, everyone! We've experienced very healthy player growth which we are very happy about, and have been bringing some new major improvements to the server which we hope you all enjoy! :)

  • LEVELING REWARDS RELEASED! (Woo, this is a major feature!)
  • Major lag-fixing advances. Lag should be unnoticeable most of the time!
  • Mob stacking removed (I'm not a fan of it too).
  • /claimgui - Edit your claim with this command
  • Staff applications have been changed a bit (yes, we are looking for qualified moderators!)
  • Chest Shops released (a while ago, but still not mentioned).

We more major features in the works which we will announce on Discord upon release. We hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, and will have a great sales weekend too!