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    Client Modifications on Aspiria

    A modification is anything that is added to your game, above and beyond what we provide, that changes the way the gameplay works. These modifications can be in the client (like resource packs), software (an external program) or hardware (a physical device). In general, we are fairly relaxed on what modifications you use, and allow most of them, but modifications that grant a significant gameplay bonus are not allowed.

    This post contains a list of legal and illegal modifications for Minecraft within Aspiria. Due to the nature of how modifications work, this list is not and can never be exhaustive. At best, we will be able to give out only 'classes' of modifications that both are and are not allowed.

    If you do not know for certain a modification is allowed, assumed it is disallowed. You are free to contact any member of staff, or open a ticket on our Discord or Forum, for us to look into and personally give an okay to. When submitting a ticket with modifications, it is incredibly helpful for you to provide us all the relevant information, which includes both the modifications use as well as a web page (home page, source code, etc) that lead to that modification so we can review it.

    These reviews can take time, and during that time, you should not be using the modifications you asked about, so keep that in mind.

    Allowed Modifications

    In general, allowed modifications provide conveniences to the player, but do not outright grant them a sizable advantage (in most cases, some are borderline, but easy for anyone to set up and install, and mostly make native Minecraft features easier to use). Some of the allowed modifications are as follows:

    • Game Modifications
      • Forge/Fabric
      • Optifine
      • Gamma change (ex: fullbright)
      • Shaders
      • Mouse Wheelie
      • Single command chat macros
        • These are macros that can be used to perform a single in-game command that can be ran within the standard Minecraft chat box. This macro must be activated manually (you can bind '/sell all' to 'z', but you cannot macro '/sell all' to run every two minutes)
    • HUDs/Graphical Displays
      • Direction HUDs
      • Minimaps (no entity tracking, or cave maps. Not even the option for it - these are usually called 'Fair Play' maps)
      • Graphical enhancements bundled with clients
    • Clients
      • Badlion
      • Lunar
      • 3rd party launchers
        • These would be programs like GDLauncher, MultiMC, ATLauncher, etc. These run Minecraft, but usually allow for instancing/sandboxing and other useful features. Unlike a client, they do not control Minecraft itself, only launch the native Minecraft.

    Disallowed Modifications

    A disallowed modification is any modification that provides an advantage over another player on a fundamental level. We try to keep things as fair as we can on Aspiria, and this involves making sure the players are playing fair with everyone else. As before, make sure you get our approval before running modifications not on either list - you cannot evade/reduce a punishment with "I didn't know".

    • Game Modifications
      • Auto-clickers
      • Auto-fishers
      • Auto-miners
      • Keyweighting
        • Using a physical device to hold down a key. Effectively, this is auto-clicking.
      • Macros (aside from single-command chat macros)
    • HUDs/Graphical Displays
      • X-Ray resource packs
      • Block ESP
      • Minimaps with entity tracking/cave mapping
    • Clients
      • Almost all clients
        • If a client is not on the 'approved' list, do yourself a favor and assume it isn't allowed
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