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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com
It's been over 2 months since our last update, and we've been busy!

This past month has been a bit slow, we've added:
  • Skyblock - This was a huge release for us! We've been working on this server for over 3 months!
  • Coin shop - New spawner pickup options released!
  • /menu - All menus have been redesigned.
  • Announcements have been completely redesigned!
  • /sell hand/all - Has been added to players and donors!
  • /armorstand - Has been added to Titans!
  • /trails - Has been redesigned with more perks and features!
  • /hub 2 - Our new redesigned hub has been introduced! The hub 1 will follow in the design soon!

Over the past months we've also had SlimeManCody, Alex_The_Hermit and CaptainKitty join the staff team! Sxtanna has joined the team as a Manager.

We hope to continue creating more amazing experiences for you guys! :D
Hello everyone, it's been quite the year!
I'd first like to say that there will be a sale on the store 20% off from Saturday, the 22nd - December 31st.

This past month has been a bit slow, we've added:
  • Companies - A pretty major feature which we plan to add onto and improve.
  • /mcmmo - A pleasant menu to see your mcmmo statistics.
  • Player Warps - Soon available as a purchase in the store.
  • We completed leveling up to 50 (the highest level, level 50 gives you an enderdragon egg).
  • Minor additions: /votetop
There are a lot more major features in the works but we will announce them when they are ready!
Please welcome Peachysnail to the staff team, she is joining us as a Trial Moderator.

Special thanks to Krideri for decorating the spawn for the holidays/new years and providing the snapshot above :)
Thank you guys for your continued support! Happy holidays!