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    Green & 2023 Review [1.19.4].png

    Hello Aspirians,

    If you haven't been following us on Discord, I highly recommend doing so, as we post more frequent updates there!

    In December we launched Survival Green...
    Survival Green is the best way to experience Aspiria, its a more traditional survival experience. Unlike Purple..
    • God and fly are not available​
    • Enchantments seen never before in Minecraft
    • New ways to earn money on the server through revised Jobs​
    • Discover new buildings, mines, houses and balloons across the overworld, full of loot​

    Latest Updates
    • Get more credits to use in the credit store by completing quests in the Craft Pass! We launched a new season just last week! Access the pass in Green spawn​
    • Unlock this set of unique armor and tags, available for just mid-March through mid-April​

    Other Updates
    • We have redesigned the /pwarp experience and decrease the cost of sponsoring a warp​
    • New in-game tags for your ranks​
    • You can now sell items via Chest Shops on Green
    • You can now sell your land in-game
    • Ultimate ranked players can now set new color and gradient nicknames
    • Your location on the server is now shown at the top of the screen


    Ohh, you post server updates on Discord as well. :oops:
    I thought you slowed updating Aspiria based on the content frequency here.


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