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SERVER IP: play.AspiriaMc.com

Hi, it's been a while since our last update. We haven't disappeared though! This is our Mega Update!
New Additions
  • Leveling system, level up and get all kinds of new perks.
  • A coin shop, finally, purchase many more items for coins then before!
  • New beautiful terrain.
  • Custom enchantments!
  • Improved claiming (teleport to claims)!
  • Turn pvp on in the survival world to fight friends! /pvp
  • Furniture for donors.
  • Rentable shop at spawn (for chestshops).
  • Vote reward improvements (claim teleports, enchantment scrolls, etc).

New Beautiful Terrain

Those images are just sneak peaks of what's to come! I can't ruin it all for you guys.

As time goes on, you'll start to see more features, such as Public Warps which we've been testing for a while now, as well as more Claiming improvements, and new ways to get enchantment books!

You can still play the old Survival using /survival8, although we will discontinue it later this new year. We've spent a tremendous amount of time on this update (over 100 hours) so I hope you guys enjoy the new Aspiria. :)
A lot has happened since our last article update! Granted, it was over a month ago. Speaking of months, 48 months ago, or four ago Aspiria MC started, and here we are today. Okay, way too much text, lets start listing new features!
  • Claiming to the Nether and End will be added soon, you'll be able to purchase the ability to do so with coins.
  • The main end island has been protected. You can still farm the obsidian pillars, destroy end crystals and spawn the dragon using end crystals.
  • We added and removed mob merging (we were getting stacks of over 1 million, so we removed it).
  • Upon joining the hub the server selector menu opens.
  • We've added a leaderboard, just use /leaderboard.
  • Disguises have been fully fixed for donors and the menu has been updated.
  • Particles /trails for donor ranks have returned.
  • Particles for donors that have purchased the "Trails Pack" have been improved drastically. Using /trail or /particles you can now open a significantly improved trails pack. They are so much cooler!
  • A leaderboard with heads was added to the side of the pvp zone.
  • We've added messages in the boss-bar, which notify you about all kinds of tools, like /market, /trade, and so on! We've also added action-bar messages and "Featured" chat messages which tell you about new things and certain commands.
  • Our Anti-Cheat system has returned! And its better then ever!
  • An Anti-Xray system has been implemented.
  • Player statistics are coming, you'll be able to view them via /stats or /statistics
  • New buddies have been added, you can win buddies with a "Buddy Key".
  • We've added new things to the store! Special Keys that give can give you buddies, pets and disguises. We've also added "Buddy Keys" in which you can win a buddy.
  • We've decreased the prices of "All Mob Disguises and All Pets" to $30 (these are pets and disguises not included with your rank).
  • King of The Hill - Was added to the pvpzone. You need to purchase a package to start one.
We are hosting a SkyWars contest on the 14th of August at 12PM Pacific US Time! Enter at this link here: http://aspiriamc.com/threads/skywars-contest.1705/

Their will be a SOLO and Teams of 2 Event. The top 3 players in the SOLO...