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    This is the influencer application format post. We welcome all players, both new and old and are all here to make Aspiria a more enjoyable and welcoming place for all players. Those who are willing to participate in reaching this goal can apply themselves here to further the network in this way. The influencers work with staff to reach this goal together, and acts as a beacon of the community, to give the players someone to look up to.


    Our Process

    Once your application has been submitted, the staff team will review the videos for potential issues of rule following in-game. So long as you meet the requirements you will be accepted after this point.  If your application is denied, please read the reason for denial carefully. Inside of it, we will outline exactly why it was denied, what can be done to give you a better chance in the future, and other information pertinent to your specific application.


    Application Format

    If you'd like to apply, simply copy and paste the application format below and answer it honestly. While it's not necessary, feel free to include any aesthetics or visuals that you feel show us your personality. However, please refrain from removing or changing the wording of the questions. Additionally, asking for assistance, even from other players, is strictly prohibited. When applying, please keep all questions bolded. Failure to do so may result in a denial for not following the format correctly. If there is irrefutable evidence that you've asked for assistance on your application, you will be denied immediately, and potentially locked from applying in the future.


    Applicant Requirements

    We have requirements that all future applicants should meet before they apply. By making sure you meet these requirements, you won't be disappointed if you automatically get denied for not meeting them. Additionally, some of these requirements may be looked past if an applicant is extraordinary.

    • You must have at least 100 subscribers (Youtube) or 100 followers (Other platforms)
    • You must have had no punishments in the last 30 days
    • You must be a member of the Aspiria Discord
    • You must have a heightened understanding of our rules and punishments across all platforms
    • You must accept the content guidelines listed below
    • You must have at least two (2) Aspiria streams or videos to be considered

    Please note that requirements may be waived from applicant to applicant. This means that some of the above requirements may not apply whatsoever if you can prove you are sufficiently capable in other, if not all other areas. Please try to exceed these requirements, instead of just meeting them.


    Content Guidelines

    While working with Aspiria as an Influencer, you will be expected to make at least one video or stream per two weeks that relate directly to Aspiria or our services.  Not all content needs to be Aspiria content; you are free to make content for other games and even other Minecraft servers at your discretion.  Keep in mind when doing so, however, that you still represent Aspiria with that content, so that content may also be examined to ensure it fairly represents us.

    In-Game Username:
    Discord Name:
    Description: (How would you describe the content that you produce)
    Intentions: (What kind of goal do you have for producing content on Aspiria)

    Is there anything else you want to include when we look at this?
    Put your optional answer here.


    Copy the above format and paste + fill out your application. Publish when you are done.


    By submitting an application, you agree to the fact that everything in it must be truthful. If any information in this application is false, you will be instantly denied.