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    Hello! This page will act as an introduction to Moderator applications, the requirements, and tips involved to make sure everything goes well. We welcome all players, both new and old, and our Moderation staff helps to keep the server a safe, and fun, place for everyone on our server. Specifically, we are looking for players that want to take their time on Aspiria to the next level and begin to directly help us with these types of tasks.

    To give you a quick overview of what being a member of the Moderation staff would entail; you will be the face of Aspiria. When people see and think of Aspiria, they will generally be thinking of you, and you will be the closest down to the server helping out players. This will involve helping players out with questions or occasionally in-game tasks, dealing with players that break the rules, and potentially assist the upper level staff with issues and tasks as the need arises.

    It takes a certain kind of player to be able to rise to help out like this. It will not always be good - there will be challenging times ahead if you are accepted. Please feel free to speak to other staff members about their own experiences, and what it is like to help you make up your mind. All of us are here for a reason, and all of us are trying to make Aspiria a fantastic place for our players.

    The life of a Helper isn't too glamorous, but it will help integrate you into our team. Once you are a part of the team, you will be potentially offered other positions more suited to your own talents, so that we can put you in a position where you will be both happiest, and most useful, within our team.

    This position is voluntary. This is essentially set in stone. Your time with us will be at your (and our) discretion, you are free to leave when you need to, and we try to not work the staff members too hard. It is, however, a job, and you will be expected to perform it. If you are accepted, you won't gain any real benefits other than being a voluntary member of the team, no long-term permissions when you leave, or anything of the sort.


    Our staff members have a set of requirements that must be met in order to join our staff team. Practically speaking, these are not all hard requirements - we are willing to work with you, but missing one of these requirements makes it much more difficult. You will have to show that you are exceptional and will be very well suited for our team - this will be handled applicant to applicant.

    In general, you want to exceed the requirements, not just meet them.

    • You must be sixteen (16) years of age or older
    • You must have at least twenty-four (24) hours of playtime, which can be on any (or all) servers
    • You must never have received a permanent ban or mute
    • You must be a member of the Aspiria Discord
    • You must have a working microphone
    • You must have a heightened understanding of our rules and punishments
    • You must conduct yourself within those rules exceptionally


    The Process

    Our applications are handled in stages. Stage one is the stage you are considering right now - where you put your application in. Your application can take as long as you want to write up, this isn't a test in school - so if it takes you three weeks to type up an application that you are comfortable with, please take the extra time. We will notice.

    Once your application is in, we will see it and begin to discuss you being brought onto the staff team. We will look over the application, see what it has, and determine if we have any questions to this. Sometimes there are additional questions, and all staff members are allowed to post information on your application with additions or concerns as appropriate.

    When we determine that we are interested in pursuing your application farther, it will be moved into stage two. At this stage, your application will be marked Pending, and we will get in touch with you to organize a verbal interview.

    This verbal interview is, other than in extreme cases, mandatory. We are not looking for you being the perfect conversationalist, and we don't want to spook you. But the verbal interview serves an important purpose within our staffing. We handle meetings, typically via voice chat and while you do not necessarily need to speak during them, you should have the ability to. It also helps us to get a better feel for you, and how you operate. At the end of the day, sometimes typing to each other simply takes up too much time or effort compared to alternatives.

    With this said, you will need to have a working microphone - not having one and not being able to obtain one will very likely end up with your application being denied.

    After your verbal interview you enter a sort of unofficial stage three. While not an actual stage (in fact, you don't need to do anything for it!) it serves as an end to your application, one way or the other. We will review your answers and discuss the interview process, your answers, and your potential status as staff. This stage can last up to 72 hours, but we try to make it quick.

    At the end of this time, you will be contacted through the forum with either a denial (and a detailed reason why you were denied, and how you can improve for reapplying), or an approval, and we will contact you with information about how to get onboarded, and begin your training.

    Application Tips

    So, if you're interested in trying to join our team, here are a few bits of advice that I can give you in regards to your time spent on the application, and some information about our process.

    • If your application gets denied, please read the denial message
      • We make sure to make the denial message specifically addressed to you, and your exact situation. Not every staff member is approved on the first time they put in an application, and we give you the information you need to know so that you will be able to improve the next time you try to apply.
    • We are looking for detail with your application, but don't be overwhelming
      • Some people can put a lot on their application. This is great, but please understand that while we do want detail, it should be necessary detail. There is a point where the information you are giving us is too much information, which can make the process a lot more difficult
    • Be patient with your application
      • You are not under a time crunch to put in your application, so feel free to take as much time as you need to. You will also need to show patience while we deal with the application - they can take can a few weeks in the worst cases (usually they're faster, but some applicants cause a lot of conversation internally).
      • While your application is in processing, you should not discuss it with other people. Your application is with us, and there is no reason to talk too much about it honestly - if you get approved, they will find out soon enough
    • Be honest with us in your application
      • There are few things that are worse than finding out someone's application isn't exactly honest. Please don't fall into that. There is no reason to try to inflate yourself or make yourself sound more competent than you really are, or otherwise twist the truth. It will eventually come out. We would much rather know from the start, so that we can properly train you from the beginning.
    • Be mature with us
      • We're aware that as a game server, there tend to be a lot of younger staff members. This is fine - younger staff tends to mean less overall experience, less information, less of a lot of things. But we do need maturity. This means that we expect you to conduct yourself (mostly) as an adult, with an understanding of how you're coming off to other people. We're willing to teach you, and help you improve, but we need to know you want to.

    Application Formatting

    So, if you're still here, I assume you actually want to get started? The formatting for your application is below - please feel free to copy it to whatever format you prefer to work in, and get started on your application! Remember the tips above - they will significantly help you with your application.

    In-Game Username: Put your required answer here.
    Server You Main: Put your required answer here. (eg: Skyblock, Purple)
    Donor Rank: Put your required answer here. Write "member" if you do not have a donor rank
    Discord Tag (ex. Name#1234): Put your required answer here.
    First Name (Optional): Put your optional answer here. If you do not put your name, please put what we may call you.
    Current Age: Put your required answer here.
    Pronouns (Optional): Put your optional answer here.
    Timezone and Country: Put your required answer here.
    What times are you active on the server (your timezone)? How many hours can you contribute?
    Put your required answer here.

    Have you ever been punished or banned on Aspiria? If so, why - and why should this not affect your chances?
    Put your required answer here.

    Do you have any concerns regarding the server, or staff?
    Put your required answer here.

    Do you have any previous moderation experience? If not, please tell us why this should not be a negative.
    Put your required answer here.

    If you have previous staff experience, please show picture evidence if at all possible. A rank in tab with your IGN, or a video of you speaking in chat with the IGN, are both acceptable. Other forms of evidence are not accepted as valid proof. Dm the manager on the forums or discord if you have any questions.

    If you had one job on the staff team, doing anything you want, what would it be?
    Put your optional answer here.

    Is there anything else we should know?
    Put your optional answer here.