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    What item are you going to bid on?

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    Here's a list of who won what, by request.

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> So the first item, is Mine! We will be auctioning three of these.
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> jman607y Pay me

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold to persephone!

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Next is The Helmet
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold to ice!

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Next up is the Bough! There was a naming error, so it's just Bough, but still the same!
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold to firefly

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Next item is the Man Iron, a really great sword for only 300k starting bid
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Pay me Jtbbtj

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Next up, another sword. Same one. Starting bid 300k
    §fowlmck §7> 300K
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold!

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> One last Man Iron Sword
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Really nice sold to Isaiahls!

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Final item. There are two. Capital sword, starting bid is 400,000 ... min increment is 25,000.
    §8[§9Junior Mod§8] §f.DM§r§r §7> 1mil

    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Final item. Capital sword, starting bid 400,000 Increment 25,000
    §8[§9Moderator§8] §f.Sly§r§r §7> Sold to dolphin!