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    Hi Aspirians!

    I hope y'all are doing well. It's been great seeing familiar faces returning and active in the servers these days! Your continued support means the world to us, and I'm always happy to see friends, old and new. It's been quite some time since our last announcement post, so consequentially, there are tons of new and exciting features and topics for us to review and announce today. I'm super excited about some of these changes, and I hope you are too!


    Aspiria's 9th Anniversary
    Aspiria is now 9 years old!

    Nine years ago, Aspiria MC was founded with the mission of becoming the best multiplayer survival server available. We've seen amazing work from players; incredible builds, detailed mapart, and the growth of the best community I personally have been a part of. We are so grateful for your support and patronage; Aspiria truly would not be the same without you.

    To celebrate our anniversary, we are running a 20% off sale on Ranks, Upgrades, and Cosmetics/Tags. We have also released a "IX" tag (9 in Roman numerals). This sale is only active until late night on June 25th. Check out this sale on our store [HERE]!


    Survival Purple: The New Survival Server
    I am eager to announce our newest Survival server; Survival Purple! Purple is designed to combine our Red and Blue communities into one, central server. Unfortunately, this does mean that the Red and Blue servers will retire. Please read below for more information on the Red and Blue retirement.

    This server is on Minecraft version 1.16, but we support 1.17 clients! Purple will not remain on version 1.16 for long, and will be updated to version 1.17 as soon as it can safely be.

    Some new, exciting features that Purple contains are below... read more about them on the FAQ [HERE]!
    • KOTH (King Of The Hill)
    • Treasure Hunts
    • 3% Mcmmo Boosts
    • Craftable Invisible Item Frames (read FAQ for tutorial)
    • Custom Hats (with custom furniture coming soon!)
    • New Vote Crates - regular and advanced keys
    • And much more!
    [CLICK HERE] to read our Purple Rules post.
    [CLICK HERE] to read our Purple Information & FAQ post.

    Our Aspiria texture pack is now available for download at this link, and Cody will update it when there is a new version. You now have a choice of auto-updating it (loading it in every time you click into purple), or dragging it into your own resource pack folder from here and making sure it's updated yourself. https://tinyurl.com/purplerp


    CREDITS: Our New Store Currency
    Purchase CREDITS on our site [CLICK HERE] and redeem them in-game with /CREDIT.
    Credits are our new Store currency. You can no longer purchase crates or items directly on our website; most of our purchasable items for Purple and Skyblock have migrated to a form of in-game currency. Now, items like OP Crates, Vote Parties, Trench Picks, etc. are purchased in-game with /CREDIT . You can also earn free credits in-game by completing our Craft Pass quests (type /pass).


    Survival Red and Blue: The Retirement
    RED and BLUE will remain online and accessible, until JULY 31ST, 2021. Type /red or /blue in-game to access them.

    Red and Blue have truly been amazing servers, and unforgettable experiences for everyone involved in their lifespan. However, as is the case with most large servers, these servers are at the end of their life, and must retire for us to make space for new, fresh, exciting content. This process of retiring servers comes with its own set of pros and cons. PURPLE is designed to be a server to combine the Red and Blue communities on a fresh server.

    Yes, this retirement of Red and Blue means that almost all of what you have on Aspiria will disappear. Please read THIS LINK [CLICK HERE] for information on the Red and Blue retirement, and for a list of what will and will not transfer. Your rank, tags, votes, and spawner crates will transfer. I understand that this may upset some players, and believe me, this upsets us too. However, it truly is necessary to continue our server and provide a clean slate. There are a multitude of reasons why reset and retirements are necessary, so please, if you are confused, ask us questions. To read a list of why we are choosing to retire these servers, please read [THIS LINK].

    It's never fun losing work and progress, and it's definitely a subject of grief. Because of this, I want to ensure you have enough time to finish up projects and take plenty of screenshots, videos, or copies of your precious memories. Please google Litematica Schematics; these allow you to take a copy of your work on Aspiria, and paste it into a singleplayer world. Red and Blue will remain as they have been, without prism (our data tracking plugin), until July 31st, 2021.

    Please DM me on Discord (Zoe#1000) with the coordinates of your favorite builds (yours, or others). Please include: the server it is on, coordinates, credit, and any specific parts of it you want me to save. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE SO, please DM me again, so I can ensure I make a note of yours. I want to make a scrapbook project of the builds on our survival servers. If you want me to highlight a specific part of the build, please include those coordinates and a short description.
    If you have an existing screenshot that you want me to include, such as an inside joke or a screenshot that you think reflects the Red and Blue communities, please DM them to me too.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Global Updates
    • Our servers have been updated to 1.16.5.
    • We released a Gold server for Beta testing. Gold has gone back into development, to ensure that we iron out the experience for the true release. Thanks to everyone who assisted us with discovering Gold bugs!
    Purple Updates
    • Purple now has player-triggered Vote Parties; every 200 votes, a Vote Party gets triggered. All online players receive key(s) to thank you for supporting and voting for our server. Type /VP in-game to track progress.
    • Since Purple's launch, some items in the Vote Crates have been added, removed, and their rarity altered.
    • Since Purple's launch, we released the Hat Crate (screenshot above).
    • Craftpass was renamed Craftpass (from battlepass).
    Store Updates
    • We implemented the new store currency, CREDITS; you are no longer able to purchase some items such as Crates or Black Market Items directly on our site. You must purchase credits on our store [HERE], and redeem them in-game with /CREDIT .
    • There is now a 3% MCMMO Buff; these can be purchased for the entire server for 4-hour boosts. This buff also applies all of the time for active plus subscribers. Subscribe to Plus [HERE].
    • We released #PRIDE and a Rainbow flag tag for Pride Month! This tag is still available [HERE] through June 30th.
    • We have released many popular tags over the past months, including Cactus, gamer, :v, fool, and bunny!
    • We released Star Wars themed packs for May the 4th.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    As always, thank you so much for your continued support as we make Aspiria the best multiplayer server available. I am truly appreciative of how amazing our community is, and I am honored to be a part of Aspiria. I have just hit my 1.5 year anniversary here as Community Manager, and I can't thank you enough for what a wild, enjoyable ride it's been. Here's to more memories on Purple!
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