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    The Voices
    by Zachariah

    Pitch black, the silence settles in

    I'm lost

    Run back, to the voices within

    The cost

    To give up, to just give in

    I'm here

    I open my eyes, I can see them

    It's clear

    They all look like me
    They all look at me
    I listen
    They speak
    They tell me
    I'm weak

    I want to try
    They want to die
    I remind myself
    This is why I cry
    It's all the same
    Just like before

    I want to feel
    They want to kill
    I remind myself
    Is this real
    It's all the same
    Just like before

    I want something more
    They want nothing more
    I remind myself
    What am I here for
    It's all the same
    Just like before

    Pitch black, the silence settles in

    I'm lost again


    My favorite so far has been the 22nd post of this forum. Very deep, and meaningful which I like in poetry.



    by Zachariah

    Now grow up and learn

    Everyone and everything lies
    Everyone and everything dies
    A universe full of silent cries
    A universe full of blind eyes

    Now wake up and earn

    Money makes you a slave
    Money makes you behave
    Before life hits you like a wave
    Before life puts you in a grave

    Or suffer and burn

    The afterlife won't accept sin
    The afterlife won't let you in
    This is where we learn when
    We were born to never win

    Now it's your child's turn

    To start all over again


    My Life
    by Zachariah

    When I was a kid
    My feelings I never hid
    I was happy to be me
    I was happy to be free

    When I grew up
    I saw the world was messed up
    There was no happiness
    There was no endless bliss

    When I die
    I won't say bye
    I'll just move on
    I'll be long gone
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    What Is The Point
    by Zachariah

    What is the point of living this life
    When we all know we can't live it twice

    What is the point of loving someone else
    When we all know they're with someone else

    What is the point of telling us about Heaven
    When we all know we're heading towards oblivion

    What is the point of trying so hard
    When we all know God never dealt you a single card

    What is the point of giving it your all
    When we all know in the end, we all fall

    What is the point of trying to become better
    When we all know nobody is better

    What is the point of making all this money
    When we all know when I die, I can't take it with me

    What is the point of all this creation
    When we all know it ends in destruction

    What is the point of a suicide note
    When we all know death is the antidote


    I'm working on a short story next. It's probably going to take awhile. So here are some lyrics from one of my all-time favorite songs. Music like this is what inspires me to continue to write. You should give this song a listen Chreia, I'm sure you'll like it. :D If there's one thing I love more than writing, it would be music. I would love to make a song like this one day.

    - Sleeping At Last (Lyrics)

    We laid our names to rest
    Along the dotted line.
    We left our date of birth
    And our history behind.

    We were full of life,
    We could barely hold it in.
    We were amateurs at war,
    Strangers to suffering.

    We made our families proud
    But scared at the same time.
    We promised we'd be safe,
    Another lie from the front lines.

    Our backs against the wall,
    We're surrounded and afraid.
    Our lives now in the hands
    Of the soldiers taking aim.

    Our questions ricochet
    Like broken satellites:
    How our bodies, born to heal,
    Become so prone to die?

    Though time is ruthless,
    It showed us kindness in the end,
    By slowing down enough,
    A second chance to make amends.
    As life replayed, we heard a voice proclaim:

    "lay your weapons down!
    They're calling off the war
    On account of losing track
    Of what we're fighting for."

    So we found our way back home,
    Let our cuts and bruises heal.
    While a brand-new war began,
    One that no one else could feel.

    Our nights have grown so long.
    Now we beg for sound advice.
    "let the brokenness be felt
    'til you reach the other side.
    There is goodness in the heart
    Of every broken man
    Who comes right up to the edge
    Of losing everything he has."

    We were young enough to sign
    Along the dotted line.

    Now we're young enough to try
    To build a better life.
    To build a better life.


    This is truly epic, I'll give this song a listen and let you know my opinions! Also, put that short story here once you're done. I would love to read it and take everything in!



    To Find Peace
    by Zachariah

    Everyone is at war.

    Everyone is fighting and everyone is suffering.

    It all starts with yourself.

    The body and the mind are soldiers and reality is the beach.

    I wake up every day and I look in the mirror and I see anger.
    I hate all this suffering.
    My body and mind are fighting... and I'm in the middle.

    I look in the mirror and I see the confusion.
    I don't understand all this suffering.
    My body and mind are tired and I just want to rest.

    I look in the mirror and I see a stranger.
    I'm lost in the suffering.
    My body and mind don't even know each other anymore.

    This is a horrible feeling.

    I want to find peace in this life, not in the afterlife.
    I want my body and mind to lay down their weapons and come together.
    I want to be happy again.

    This war needs to come to an end, not for just me but for everyone.
    This suffering has gone on for too long and it needs to stop.

    I want to see the world smile as one, a smile as wide as the horizon and as bright as the sun.

    So tell me what will it take to find peace?


    If you would like to share some of your writing on here, that would be cool. It's up to you. :D If not, that's alright. I'll continue to post my writing when I come up with something new.


    I will for sure post some! I will have to gather most of them since they're in separate notebooks, Inb's, etc. When I find some I will post them here. :)