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    1. Fidelify

      Lord__AJ's palace!

      http://imgur.com/a/emstd Nice job.
    2. Fidelify

      The Arch

      i built something inside of an arch, k http://imgur.com/a/3sDAc
    3. Fidelify

      k lol

      k lol
    4. Fidelify

      San_waffle's amazing mediveal build!

      "Wanna see my project" "Sure", this man blew my mind. Nothing else to say here, check out these pics tho. http://imgur.com/a/R7Ux3
    5. Fidelify

      Esterlon; the newest city on OldTown

      >Esterlon is a MC server lol.
    6. Fidelify

      The BiG Poem

      Epic stuff man.
    7. Fidelify

      Horse Racing Track

      I recently just built this and I can't handle shaders, LOL! :eek: Anyways, this is the Horse Racing Track I built and I decided to get shaders on my crappy PC, so yeah it wouldn't render the best... Imgur
    8. Fidelify


      Hello fellow players, Hello, I am 1decepticon previously known as fidelify, and I want to let you all know, I apologize for the way I have been acting on the server lately, I will try my best to become nicer and be very nice/pleasant towards the Oldtown community, I hope you take this message...
    9. Fidelify

      I wanted to show off my Observatory

      Here it is :3. Imgur Going to be adding more places around it, later.
    10. Fidelify

      Warp Resets

      I really like Nag's town, as for it is very neat, and clean. The house designs look amazing towards me, so please keep this town, it looks very well made. Please let the warp stay alive!
    11. Fidelify

      User name changes

      I changed mines from fidelify to 1decepticon, but I regret it, so I'll change it back next month lol.
    12. Fidelify

      I miss you :x

      I miss you :x
    13. Fidelify

      I LIKE PIE.

      I LIKE PIE.