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    1. mjnoe70

      Hey, i'm Arcay(Q)!

      Welcome! Glad to have ya.
    2. mjnoe70


      Welcome to Blue!
    3. mjnoe70

      Hello! I'm Bee...

      Welcome to AspiririaMC! I believe this is a good one to start with. Good staff and many helpful players. Best of luck and glad to have you!
    4. mjnoe70

      It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's White Crow!

      Welcome! I would also suggest checking both /rules on the server (different slightly on each) too. Hope you enjoy your time and one nice thing is you can jump around on all the servers or pick one to push yourself on. A lot of normal server options exist /vote for vote links /wild or /rtp...
    5. mjnoe70

      Hello my Name is SphenX

      Hmmm.... Uh. Well, er, ok.
    6. mjnoe70

      Heyo, Dyal_Tyme Here!

      Welcome fellow Blue member. The nice thing about Blue is it is more normal minecraft than advanced redstone and farming stuff. Granted I do kind of like that stuff but it is nice to have a "back to basics" kind of world to play in as well.
    7. mjnoe70

      Rarest Items

      Just gonna expand on that and also in to money items that are easier to get. To add to the rare list: Shulker Shells/Boxes 10/20k Beacons 30-40k Emerald Ore is likely pretty rare too but no idea on value. Thinking of best to sell at /warp marketplace: bones/bone blocks all prismarine variants...
    8. mjnoe70

      Hello My name is Dukeofchaos213.

      Welcome to Aspiria and I'm assuming you are playing on Blue. The Red server does not have the same restrictions in place. I think if you play both a bit you may appreciate the number of players that Blue can support with little to no lag vs Red. You may want to ask an admin or mod to review...
    9. mjnoe70

      First post hello!

      Always glad to get some new opinions and more activity on the forums!
    10. mjnoe70

      Ban appeal

      This is not the location you would add this type of request. You would have to fill out an unban request at https://aspiriamc.com/threads/unban-application-read-before-posting.3707/ which is also available on the menu of the website under the more option. Good luck and try to keep things clean.
    11. mjnoe70


      Yes, talk like a pirate day ye matey!
    12. mjnoe70

      Where did all the friendly mobs go?

      Only on Red does rename/name tag help. On Blue, they will always despawn so don't waste the name tag.
    13. mjnoe70

      HI :D

      Welcome to Aspiria. Make sure to check out the requirements of being a mod before you apply. Take your time, learn & follow the rules and you likely can be one. There are full rules on the website and /rules on the server.
    14. mjnoe70


      Welcome to Aspiria!
    15. mjnoe70

      Hi, I am Clockwork!

      Welcome to Blue, glad to have ya.