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  • NEWS Anniversary Update & 20% Sale [1.14.2]


    Hello Aspirians!

    Welcome to our 7th Anniversary Update! Hop onto Survival (or Skyblock soon) and discover new spawn worlds!

    Tonight our Anniversary Sale will go live (20% of the entire store).

    Over the past 2 months we've brought to you redesigned chat spam filters among a host of various other features!

    • X Tools - You'll be able to purchase these tools in the Coin Shop (or win them in crates), they are limited use tools that have unique abilities like mining a 3x3 cave, auto-harvesting and replanting of crops and sell all wands (where you can sell all the items in a chest with just 1 click).
    • Chaos Crates have been released (on the /store)
    • Player Warps are now available in the coin shop
    • The main /menu system has been redesigned
    • Mob Limits - You can have up to 15 mobs in a chunk. Be sure to give your mob a name using a name-tag or they will despawn!
    • Mob Buff - You will now see more mobs in the wilderness, but they will disappear and reappear over time if not given a name.


    • Change your island biome using /is biome
    • Titans can now change their island border color (or disable it altogether)
    New Rank Features
    • /trash - Has been added to all players
    • /perks - The /glow option has been added to Titans
    • /glow - Has been added to the redesigned /perks menu with more features!

    Staff Team Changes
    SlimeManCody and Alex_The_Hermit --> Retired
    CaptainKitty --> Junior Mod
    Sphenx19 --> Helper --> Trial Mod

    We can't wait to show you guys what else we have planned!
    Hello fellow Aspirians,i just got my email into the server, but i an lost as to how to join the server.Please sent help as I genuinely appreciate your kindness.
    Alex_The_Hermit --> Retired?

    I see Alex on all the time. Very active both in game and on the forums...


    Server Dad
    I tried to retire. Big low-key just wouldn't remove my rank and mod status...lol.

    So I just came back since I was still doing it anyway. Lol