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    IP: Play.AspiriaMc.Com
    We are proud to officially announce our new name Aspiria Mc, or just Aspiria! Throughout the next couple weeks you'll be seeing updates to the website, and in-game! Our store page has already been beautifully redesigned and we can't wait for you guys to see the new features coming within the next couple weeks! Here's some information regarding the updates!

    New Features / Fixes
    With all these new features and fixes, the possibility of any lag will be decreased! We've also been testing for the past couple weeks finding out what can cause lag, and have been making sure those problems are fixed!
    • In-game OP items cheat fixes.
    • Shop spawners (in the store: http://store.aspiriamc.com/), updated features.
    • Jump Pad fixes.
    • Random Teleport fixes.
    Claims / Districts Update
    We've went and created an amazing claiming functionality from scratch! You guys will see it come into affect within the next week! (Here's a little sneak peak).

    • The menu's are organized better.
    • You can expand land.
    • Scoreboard features added.
    • Donors can disable mob-spawning.
    • SUPER easy to use!
    • More features :).
    Chest Protection
    With the new claiming functionality we will also be fixing up ChestProtection, and making it run better then before!

    Behind the Name
    So I figured you guys might be wondering, "Why Aspiria?". Well, we derived the name from "Aspire". We Aspire to be the best we can be. :)

    I hope you guys enjoy the features! I indeed will. Have fun! :)
    Will Aspiria have the same stuff you have in old town?
    [DOUBLEPOST=1455504539,1455504489][/DOUBLEPOST]Or will you have to start from scratch. :/