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  • NEWS Bridging Two Decades - 2020 [1.15.1]

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    Hello Aspirians,

    This past year has been fantastic. We've seen tremendous community growth, thousands of new players and many older players as well. I've seen some people that first connected 3+ years ago playing!

    Charity - Australian Rural Fire Service
    Over the past two months we've raised $450 (half of it matched by Aspiria) for the #teamTrees campaign. Both players and staff have requested to support the Australian Rural Fire Service (ARFS), which is a volunteer based bushfire fighting force that has been fighting bushfires in Australia for many years. They have tirelessly been fighting a series of devastating fires since September. This campaign is a way for us to help support these volunteer firefighters who have been working 12 hour shifts on the frontlines for months fighting these unprecedented bushfires.

    Many of our Australian friends here have been impacted by the fires. We will be offering a $10 #teamAussie tag in the store, with all funds (we will cover transaction fees) going to the ARFS.

    We have some exciting plans for 2020 ;), but let's briefly take a look at the improvements we've made over the past two months.

    • Daily Quests introduced
    • PvP Arenas redesigned
    • Custom Hoppers added
    • Economy adjustments (Head Shop)
    • Reinforced crates reintroduced
    • A new spawner shop
    • Ore Generators & upgrades improved
    • Trails introduced as donor perk
    • Shop redesigned for easier use

    • Mega, Chaos and Spawner crate rewards improved
    • Treasure Chest rewards improved
    • Minions added
    • Shop economies have had new items introduced
    • Forum trophies reworked

    Thank you for supporting us! :)


    This year was amazing for Aspiria, but hope the next one is even better!

    Not open for further replies.