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  • Change of plans! :)

    So a couple of mins ago, I was hanging in my camper cause I was bored of camping at the moment. (I was writing my "How to be a staff Member" post which you can find here.. ---> https://aspiriamc.com/threads/how-to-become-staff-tips.2682/#post-14702

    And my mother walked in and said we're leaving tomorrow instead of Sunday, so I'll be back a day early! (I can be in Aspiria faster, Haha! xP) so that means there won't be a "Day 7: Wisconsin; camping" thread.

    See ya then,



    That's cool man, enjoy the trip while it lasts. I wouldn't be so eager to get online, there's plenty of time for that and trips like those are rare. Lots of people experience them once or only a few times in a lifetime. At least where i come from. :p
    Haha! Yeah, I don't go on trips as much either. Maybe the occasional 2 day trip in Nebraska or somewhere near, but other than that, I almost never get to go on a 1 week trip. I guess I am pretty lucky, Haha! The trip was still VERY fun, but I still miss the Aspiria community at the same time.