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    Hello Aspirians!

    I have so many exciting developments to share with you all! We have had an influx of new players, and have been seeing some old faces. In addition, we have a brand-new gamemode - the Competitive server!

    Due to Covid-19, people are taking the initiative to stay inside and participate in social distancing. This means that more people are inclined to play videogames, and we are honored that you are choosing to spend this time with us on Aspiria! We have capped on Red and Blue (150 players each) multiple times, and are hovering at a healthy 100-130 players each day on our survival servers. Skyblock and Competitive have also seen a healthy influx of players and activity! I truly hope that this virus impacts your life as minimally as possible, and that you and your loved ones are well. Thank you for helping Aspiria grow and thrive!


    This is our NEW gamemode! This is a pvp enabled server, where griefing, theft, etc. is allowed. On this server, you are to either ride solo, or team up with a group to dominate the economy. You can wage war against other lands, and kill people in unclaimed territory to claim a percentage of their balance! At the end of the season, top lands will be rewarded with a store credit prize!
    Please note that God mode, fly, and vanish are disabled on competitive.

    Please take a look at our rules for this server [Click Here].

    I wanted to talk to you all a bit more about this gamemode. While rules on griefing, theft, and related activities are less strict than on our other survival servers, we will NOT tolerate toxicity. Do not swear at people or call them names, and do not be rude. We will not foster a toxic environment here. Any excessive arguments, harassment, bullying, or any encouragement of toxic behavior will be punished. In addition, if you are caught cheating, you will be disqualified from the competition. Read the rules linked above for more information.

    This is a new gamemode. As with any new endeavor, there may be aspects we must iron out. Please report any bugs in our Discord in a ticket, or here on the forums. Any questions can be put in our discord under #questions-and-reports, or DM'd to the manager!

    • The Red & Blue servers both updated to 1.15.2
    • Quests were removed from Red & Blue due to incompatibilities, and are being reworked and improved
    • Player warp bugs fixed
    • Vote crate prize alterations; added horse eggs, and changed 9 stacks of dirt to inventory full of dirt
    • Implemented and are refining our anti-caps and anti-spam filters
    • Redesigned the spawn point for hub. It is more open than before, with more light and new NPCs!
    • We added a new Server Selector; right-click the compass in your hotbar to view servers, descriptions, and information!
    • Introduced a Hub Elytra perk for ranks Titan and above. This supplies you with an Elytra and Fireworks so you are able to fly around the hub!
    • Captainkittyx hosted a build battle event on the Red server, for in-game prizes and store credit!
    • OtherSteve built a Labyrinth event on the Red server, for in-game prizes and store credit!
    • Discord Re-Design! Now, you must verify (under #verify-here) to prevent bot raids in our discord. I've also split up the channels into Minecraft channels and Life channels. Hide and mute whichever category you would not like to see!
    • #teamComp tag and package added - don't miss it! Click here!
    • Chaos crates and Spawner crates have been revamped
    • Upgradable Hoppers were renamed to Ultra Hoppers, and improved upon
    • 15 use spawner crowbar added
    • Baby Oda buddy added

    Thank you for your continued support! Enjoy your time here, and best wishes. :)