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    So recently (last week or so) our famous Admin Krideri was on the server, he said Red was his forever home. When I replied red was dead he tp'd to me and his skin was a unicorn skin... He then proceeded to send me pics in discord dm of him in a unicorn onesie and unicorn slippers. I was asked if i liked unicorns and I replied no. Krideri said I'm gonna whack you with a pair of unicorn slippers.. He proceeded to tell players he would give them 25k to smack me with unicorn slippers, I got chased around marv's claim by Bandi with a pair of slippers, tho they were not unicorn slippers he never got the 25k So today Red had way more players on that blue and Krideri was on and started up again with Red is my forever home and yes I went with it and Krideri wanted to smack me into the afterlife with the slippers.. As i patiently waited for Krideri smack me. We dueled and Yes, he finally smacked me with unicorn slippers... xDDD
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