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  • Hello, I'm nes_ or bbnessa

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    I am a mother of four kids (age 4, 5, 9 and 10), me at age 37, among few old people play in Aspiria. I can play MC and work at the same time (work as Freelance Digital Illustrator, which is to draw anything people ask me to). My working hour enabled me to meet most people in different Time Zone, I work at night since I lived in Time Zone GMT+8, while the rest of the world wake up and work in bright hour.

    I've joined aspiria on Old Red at July 2019, but left too soon and play Single Player for few months. Then return to play again during early New Red reset on September 2019. Then I also play on Blue server when it start migrate to 1.14.4. I've been in Blue ever since and loved the atmostphere.

    I join server in hoping to know more about community outside my country (I'm just an Asian living somewhere in South East Asia), I play minecraft also in hoping to meet and know more people. I know I wouldn't meet them in real life, but being in Aspiria makes me think its a full of bustling and lively community. I would love to make friends and experience different set of social group of people. It is so amazing.

    There's always new people, and there is always people leaving, but for me, new people will keep coming to my life so I can experience it and remember them.


    Hi, Nes! Welcome to the forums! So glad to have you be part of Aspiria <3


    Server Dad
    My job allows me to play during work hours some too so I can understand what you are saying. I started playing Minecraft because my two oldest kids (14 and 12) loved it. We play at the house on our own joint world and I have played on Aspiria a lot. Been moderating for about a year here and I love it. So cool to have you in the community and to see you be such a vibrant part of the blue server.


    Hey New, I'm glad to see you here on the forums, make yourself at home. Very happy to see you stretching out to the more quiet side of the community <3


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello, bbnessa! Welcome to Aspiria and the forums! I have seen you in-game, and thank you for all the help you give the server. Feel free to message me anytime, my IGN is Chreia and my discord username is Chreia#1000 in the discord server. I'm always happy to help and am available most times of the day. Have a good day!

    Not open for further replies.