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  • I am Oah.

    Hi, i'm Oah.
    I'm a dude that lives in Nashville, TN, USA.
    I consider myself a trusty goodguy.
    I got laid off from work, a really great job, so I have a lot of playtime while I look for a new job and try to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
    I have been playing MC for years; single player for awhile at first, then I tried out multiplayer, and I loved multiplayer!
    I found a really awesome server (BudCraft) and made tons of friends, but, one day the owner just shut it off.
    I thought 'hmm, let's see who's #1 in the voting pages'.
    Well, Aspiria was #1.
    So I joined. They had just changed the name from 'OldTown'.
    Fantastic server!
    The players were superkewl, some REALLY awesome staff members, and I liked most of the server mods like the economy and mcmmo.
    I die in MC really easy LOL! I would wake up in the morning with all my inventory gone so often, and i spend all day making new stuff so often, that it was worth $ not spending all my time recovering!
    Time > $.
    I donated right away.
    I chose God rank, because, I LOVE having a lot of /sethomes. Almost everyday I meet someone of find a place I think is awesome and want to be able to get there.
    The /fly command speaks for itself. For some reason i'm scared of heights in MC.
    The God rank give you invulnerability, now I don't usually wake up naked in MC.
    And the /repair command, I couldn't do without.

    Some of the staff back then were so bad, they got fired. (i'll talk more about that in the 'tips to becoming staff post')
    I stuck it out because there were so many great people, until all of a sudden, the server starting having problems with my villagers vanishing. (did I mention that working with villagers is my favorite thing to do in MC?).
    I had one of the first iron farms on the server, and doggonit, the villagers kept vanishing.
    It would have been a lot less of a problem if it wasn't so high up in the air, and I don't like heights in MC.
    But, they kept vanishing and I ragequit, because if you don't know what it means to have to replace the villagers in the iron farm means, it's a lot worse than just losing your stuff.

    -So anyhow, I wanted to play MC again, and, this was my favorite server. Glad to be back. Great to meetcha'll.

    Go ahead and post your own 'introduce yourself' message instead of replying to this one! :p