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    My name is Locus and I work on servers for fun, But I play on servers like this for fun as well. I recently just found this server but I already went ahead and bought a rank to support the server due to the nice staff that I have met so far. Dyal is really nice, Hope to see you guys on the Blue Survival server some time! :)


    Junior Mod
    Hi, Locus! Glad to have you on the server! I hope you continue to enjoy yourself here! Feel free to ask me any questions about Blue! I'm on pretty much every night. Hope to see you soon again! -Dyal


    Junior Mod
    Junior Mod
    Hello LocusDev! Welcome to AspiriaMc. I hope you have enjoyed your time on Aspiria, and continue to prosper and excel. My in-game name is Chreia, and my discord is the same. Feel free to message me anytime, night or day. Have a good day!