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  • MEGA UPDATE - Terrain, Leveling, Coins, PVP, Enchants [1.11]



    Hi, it's been a while since our last update. We haven't disappeared though! This is our Mega Update!
    New Additions
    • Leveling system, level up and get all kinds of new perks.
    • A coin shop, finally, purchase many more items for coins then before!
    • New beautiful terrain.
    • Custom enchantments!
    • Improved claiming (teleport to claims)!
    • Turn pvp on in the survival world to fight friends! /pvp
    • Furniture for donors.
    • Rentable shop at spawn (for chestshops).
    • Vote reward improvements (claim teleports, enchantment scrolls, etc).

    New Beautiful Terrain


    Those images are just sneak peaks of what's to come! I can't ruin it all for you guys.

    As time goes on, you'll start to see more features, such as Public Warps which we've been testing for a while now, as well as more Claiming improvements, and new ways to get enchantment books!

    You can still play the old Survival using /survival8, although we will discontinue it later this new year. We've spent a tremendous amount of time on this update (over 100 hours) so I hope you guys enjoy the new Aspiria. :)


    Ah, that's truly epic.
    However @BiGUNMAN , we lost a lot of players in the resets and updates. You devs should focus on advertising the server, or maybe inflict a reward system so the players do advertising for you, the server list site doesn't seem to be adding much newcomers.

    Share the server on social media for coins / rewards..
    Make active YT videos on the server for a Youtuber rank


    Also, I really feel like there's a need for a new trailer, the current one doesn't really explain anything.. It just shows off a few pictures of the hub, spams out the logo in the middle and plays music that doesn't really fit the scenario.
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    Honestly this update is probably the best we have gotten, but at the moment there are many bugs that hinder gameplay and need to be fixed