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  • NEWS Skyblock PVP Update [1.14.4]


    Hello Aspirians,

    Welcome to the Skyblock PVP update, which includes a lot more then pvp and skyblock related changes!

    Global Updates
    • Chat Filter has been changed
    • Server supports a greater variety of Minecraft versions
    • Colossus rank color changed dark red
    • New /buddys available in the store
    Skyblock Updates
    • New spawn
    • PVP map introduced
    • Anticheat changed
    • Combat Log added to pvp
    • Island biome changing added /is biome
    • Dungeons are introduced (The Laboratory map)
    • More rentable stalls have been added to /warp marketplace (on blue)
    • Player Warps are back
    • Tutorial Room added
    • ClaimGUI: Fly flag toggling removed, chorus fruit flag added
    • Claim Biomes: You can now change the biome of your claim for coins in /claimgui
    • Dragon spawning now works on Blue

    Thanks you all for supporting us throughout the summer. It's allowed us to create a lot of new and upcoming content. We're very excited for the future and hope you've all had a great start to your school year!