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  • So, report a player isn't working, and I don't know where else to put this

    So, I was in my area and omgitscallum123 tpasked me. Being generally trusting, I accepted it. I asked him what he wanted and he wanted to trade with my villagers. Now I worked really hard to get my villagers to where they are and was not willing to let him use them. I asked him to leave and he refused. For a few minutes he insisted and I refused. He then went to my horse named Han after Han Solo, and stole the horse armor, saddle and the horse itself. I told him I would report and after a few internet problems I finally am able to. He did give me the horse/armor/saddle back after I told him I'd report him, however; I still think a temp ban should be placed to demonstrate that this is not tolerated. I also am having trouble with MC right now so if someone could check on my land outside exit35 that would be greatly appreciated. I have screenshots but do not know how to upload them on this new forum.
    My way of uploading screenshots is to go to www.imgur.com and make a account. Than upload a photo on there. Copy the direct link and go back to here. Than click the "Image" button. Put in the copied link and there you go! If you have any questions just reply on this thread.
    In one of them he says ty, my horse has nothing on it, and I say in chat that he stole my armor, that's all I have. If you go to my house and my horse is still there and should have it on, that's all I have.