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    Hello Aspirians!

    We've decided to participate in the #TeamTrees charity campaign at https://teamtrees.org/. We want to play at least a small role in making the world a better place and hope you all do too! Since October 31st, we've been selling the #teamTrees in-game tag on the store for $5. The entire $5 go to the #TeamTrees campaign and we will match up to $500 (so we're committing to giving out over $500 of our own to this campaign, since we're covering transaction fees).

    So far, we've sold $115 worth of #teamTree tags, so we've donated $230 (today). Here's the Paypal receipt: click here.

    Red Historical Server
    This past week we've launched the Red historical server, accessible via /oldred. Using this command you will connect to the old Red world which you can explore (but not build in).
    • Fly using /fly
    • Set public warps (up to 5) using /setwarp
    • Access publicly set warps, using /warp
    • Teleport to a specific position /tppos (coordinates)
    Other News
    We've begun to improve our Skyblock progression and expect to see exciting changes done to it soon. We've also done the following changes to our servers.
    • Blue has been updated to 1.14.4
    • Crowbars have returned to the coin shop on Red & Blue
    • Chaos enchantments are live and functioning on Red & Blue
    • Major improvements to Red's lag performance
    • Significant improvements to the ChatFilter
    • Redesign of the PVP arena by Krideri on Red
    • Skyblock shop has been redesigned
    • CaptainKitty hosted x2 build battle events, prizes included the Halloween package

    Thank you all for supporting us as always! :)
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