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  • UPDATE The Hub Update [1.14.4]



    Hello Aspirians,
    We have quite a few updates for you all, just take a look around the website! :)

    Over the past month we've been working on various improvements to the servers and focusing on the continued development of skyblock!

    Global Updates
    • New hub that now supports 1.12 connections for Skyblock players!
    • Chat filter & anti-spam revised: You will see massive improvements to certain elements of the chat
    • Massive performance increases on Skyblock, Blue and Red!
    • Enchantments from the Chaos Crate now completely work across all servers
    • Spawner crowbars introduced across all servers
    • New packages have been added to the webstore
    • New chestshop system, use /qs (available on all servers)
    • Titles now show after your username (new titles were added to the store)
    • There are now x2 hubs (/hub 1, /hub 2)
    • Discord NPCs are available on the hub
    • Website redesign
    • Director rank renamed to Colossus
    Skyblock Updates
    Expect a huge skyblock update to come next month :)
    • Rank kits have been released! /kits
    • You can now connect with Minecraft 1.12 for the best experience (no more weird doors or glass panes)
    • Spawner crowbars introduced
    • Redesigned menus: /menu (merged with /is), /warps, /perks
    • Island biomes changing now available /is biome
    Red Updates
    • New chestshop
    • Leveling system now rewards coins (you can convert your discs in the coin shop)
    • Coin shop remade! Reflects the blue coin shop
    • You no longer need to nametag mobs. Peaceful mobs will not despawn, hostile mobs will (max of 10 mobs per chunk)
    • Wild portal updated
    • Companies and Player Warps temporarily removed as we redesign these features. Your warps and items will be available when we bring these features back!
    Blue Updates
    • Wild portal updated
    • Player Warps temporarily removed as we redesign this feature. Your warps will be available when we bring this feature back!

    Thank you again guys and girls for supporting us all, we hope to continue creating fantastic experiences for you to enjoy!
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    I lost my Stuff during the Bug of the new Spawn today.

    Could you give me 1 Item off my Stuff back(dia pickaxe) because its important the rest dont hurt that much but i will list it to below. Would be great if you just put a Chest on my Island with that stuff, i tried to reach to you IG but i had to go offline and you where busy at that moment.

    I Lost:

    Full Dia Armor (No Entchant)
    Dia Pickaxe (Effi 4 / Mending / Fortune 3 / Unbreaking 3)
    Dia Sword (Sharpness 4 / unbreaking 3 / fire aspect 2 / mending)
    3 1/2 Stacks Iron

    Thx for your time <3