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  • NEWS The Red Reset [1.14.4]


    Hello Aspirians,

    In the past year, the Survival Red server has been crucial to the rejuvenation of Aspiria. Today, is the day we say goodbye to that 150 gigabyte, 1.13.2 world. We launched Red in October 1st, 2018 in attempt to create a great survival server, better then anything we had done in the past 6 years, and we saw tremendous success. With that success, came problems we weren't prepared for at the time, we didn't prepare the Red server for over 100k players, hundreds of daily players and thousands of mobs - we didn't know these would be problems when we first launched the server. It's why we created the Blue server, we learned from our mistakes and introduced limits and gameplay changes to ensure a better experience. Red's instability caught up to us, there were backpack issues and coin balance issues quite a few times, and finally a larger issue on September 8th forced us to close it down for good. Today, we have protections for all those problems and more, but when we first created Red (and when we maintained it) we didn't account for these problems.

    Over the past two weeks, in response to the Red problems, we rushed to recreate Red in 1.14.4, stabilize the gamemode and fix problems as they arise. This has allowed us to release it quickly but has made for a bumpy release. We believe Red is now stable and we are now fixing the final issues and beginning to work on new content. For those who purchased goods on the store, here is what transfers to the new Red server:
    • Purchases made on Red after September 1st, 2019.
    • Player Warps (one time transfer only)
    • Minions (one time transfer only)
    • Spawner Kits

    Survival Red Updates
    • Leveling difficulty changes
    • Economy changes including adding adding flowers, removing decoration blocks and adding 1.14 items
    • Companies have made a return as Player Shops
    • No need to nametag mobs. Note that hostile mobs (and some peaceful mobs) will still despawn.
    • Redstone and itemframe limits increased
    • Lag improvements (as of 9/19/2019)

    Survival Blue Updates
    • World Border increased to 24,000x24,000 blocks (random teleport also increased)
    • Bug fixes to chest shop system
    • Expect an End & Nether reset soon

    We will be announcing on Discord how to visit the old Red world, it won't be playable, but you will be able to teleport and fly through the world, take videos or snapshots of your old builds, and relive the experiences you've had.

    RIP: Survival Red, October 1st, 2018 - September 8, 2019.