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  • Weekly Report II: Electric Boogaloo


    Hey there! It's me, Hydra. Again. Get used to this pretty face.
    This was a mistake!

    What to talk about..
    ..Base plans! This is NOT for Hypex™️ or anything similar.
    Now I'm gonna tell you right now, this is ALL on Red. I have no intention on going to blue for more than a few minutes.
    My base for this.. "season".. Will be a lot more different than a square cube. I've got a theme set for myself..
    Fantasy! I've been experimenting a lot in my free time (on pocket edition, heh) and I've got a few ideas. I'm not gonna give any spoilers, though.. Not just yet. I'll give you a hint though: It spreads.. It morphs.. It takes over.

    I really don't have any other ideas to share. See you next week.
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