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  • OFFICIAL Welcome to Survival Vanilla, and 1.18


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    Hello Aspirians,

    It has been a while since I last made an update post. I am excited to share with everyone the latest news!

    1.18 Survival Vanilla
    Discover Survival Vanilla in the Hub. It's a fantastic way to play 1.18 before we launch the update on Purple. Explore new terrain and enjoy a simple play experience. Please note, that this is a simple server with base functionality. Once 1.18 fully launches on Purple, we will remove Survival Vanilla.

    Purple Updates
    We have also been busy working on updates for Purple and we now want share with you what we've been up to
    • Reset resource world with unique terrain to explore for the month of December
    • New Christmas items are available in the server shop for decorations
    • Unique furniture you can decorate your builds with (coming soon)

    Upcoming Events
    * Public Q&A session with staff members and BiGUNMAN on December 19th

    New Store Items
    * Holiday themed OP Items Crate
    * New Holiday tags and hats
    * Unique holiday bundle

    What we're working on, and what do you want next?
    Comment below or vote on our Discord for what feature you want us to work on next.
    * Furniture
    * Player Profiles & Duels
    * PVE Content

    Thank you for supporting us fellow Aspirians!
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