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    So my PC, is kind of dieing, its old, I'm going to rebuild it at some point, doesn't really run Minecraft with the resource packs I need to build with. Currently I'm about half way to buying a new PC, so I won't be gone long.
    As a side note I've also been getting into guitar a bit, mainly because my uncle gave his guitar, which he bought in 1974, anyways I'm rambling now, I'll be back soon, (I Think {I Hope} [I Wish]}).


    EDIT: if you want i could post a pic of that guitar, its cool.


    Maybe you don't need a new pc, you'd just have to learn what to give ram process and what not to give.

    - CTRL+SHIFT+ESC (Task manager)
    - Go to process
    - Click "show process of all users" (Even if you have 1 "user")
    - Find a process that's unused and you don't need, make sure to check and know you don't need it otherwise you can crash your pc.
    I suggest using google if you are unsure.
    You can also install optifine, disable animations.
    Turn off programs aside from Minecraft, Winamp or skype. Depends what you are using.


    The tides can be changed easily without buying a new pc ;)

    Edit: I'm guessing you are using Windows, if not try the same thing by opening Mac/Linux task manager. Every system is required to have one.