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Why not introduce myself early. I'm Magnath

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Magnath, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Jun 9, 2019
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    Hello there. I will try and keep this short at first and maybe add on details as I edit it later.

    I am someone who just recently came back from about 9 months of not playing minecraft

    I used to have a huge interest in smp servers and there's this one i just stuck to.
    It had this plugin called slimefun + ease of access for most stuff, easy ranks, expensive high ranks (lol)
    and safety and no raiding.

    It didnt have the best of communities i gotta say (probably cause of the owner's.. unusual attitude need I not to say more, and it being a cracked server), but I made some good friends.

    At first I joined the server when it had a smaller-type community, and I counted as an OG.

    by January of 2018 I started losing interest in survival. the server had multiple game-modes (e.g: factions, skyblock, skypvp) and a currency I could use across all game modes.

    I would start selling my stuff on survival for other stuff or the aforementioned currency and main skypvp and skyblock, factions was kind of a dead gamemode on the server, and little-none of my friends played it and most of who played it were already in the biggest clans. there was a huge prize pool (about 300 euros i think) after each factions season but I was never a clan leader and the one time I was and I was close to being in the top 3 two things happened: I thought about how I could distribute the prize money over my faction-mates and found problems, and the faction got betrayed.

    as i mained skypvp and skyblock, i started getting decent at pvp, I started playing on other pvp servers I shouldn't mention the names of.

    I still loved the server and played a lot on it. I also got to be a really popular player and had a clean sheet (no punishments) for more than 10 months.

    then I suddenly lost interest in minecraft by September of last year. hardly played twice or thrice throughout both October and November.

    Now I'm back, and was searching for good smp servers and I found this one. I think the community wouldnt be too big, hope the ranks arent too hard to get and hope to have some fun.

    I'm probably gonna be hugely dependent on other players (lol) because of my huge weakness in redstone therefore huge weakness in making automated machinery.

    notes: I've lost probably all of my survival skills and i've turned into trash when it comes to pvp
    If anyone is welcoming me to their base or land I'd be very much grateful, have just started so i wouldnt lose much.

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