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    Due to COVID and other issues it's been 168 days since my last login. I thought claims didn't expire for people who purchased titles/claim blocks. I was finally able to find this, is it different than it was back in March?

    > To save space in the world, we have an auto-unclaiming system in place. Currently, the time is set to 100 days; so if you do not log in for 100 days, your claim is automatically removed. However, any user with 500k+ claim blocks will not have their claims removed, ever, as put in our auto-unclaiming system.

    Is there any way to get my claim back or get it copied to somewhere else now that someone else has claimed it? I had a rather large base that took me a couple of months to build. I don't suppose there's any way to get the items I had stored in a chest back (lots of OP gear :() but it looks like most of the area is the way I left it so it could be copied somewhere.


    Heya @Goemaat! Welcome back!

    Unfortunately, the rules have not changed, all claims other than those of 500k or more claim blocks auto expire after 100 days of inactivity. Once they expire, if they are claimed by another player, there really isn't much we can do about it - the claim and everything inside of it belongs to them at that point.

    You can mail them in-game ('/mail send <name> <msg>') to see if they'd be willing to give back the claim and/or items, but beyond that there isn't much we can do about it, sorry!