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  • mcMMO, New Website, Yey! [1.9.2 Update]

    Worse of all, people complain about the grinding. It becomes evident and obvious they never play a real RPG (or MMORPG) because if they complain about doing something for more than 1-3 hours, then go play Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft, it takes 1+ months to hit max Lv and a few more months to max out other levels

    Feer me, eye am a kat miao


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    That's why Guild Wars 2 is (/was) my choice :3 grinding is actually the worst way to level up there. Same for PSO2, even if that game does something similar.
    Phantasy Star portable 2, best I've played. Though doesn't help how 100% of the time I have to solo everything and extending game play by like 300+ hours and maybe another 50+ hours for grinding best gear owo

    Anyone play Monster Hunter? o3o


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    I'm used to soloing everything in MMOs, it kinda kills the point of the game but I like exploring stuffs ;^;
    Yeah, a lot of games I tend to solo since #NoOneLikesTheGamesIPlay but Final Fantasy XIV is the first game I'm teaming up with

    I blame @DiCape for getting me into FFXIV o3o

    We should play horror games more often


    In McMMO, an IRON BLOCK is the default Repair Block. This is not the case here. What is the repair block for this server?
    Wow, this update is pretty big! Lets hope its fun :)
    [DOUBLEPOST=1462089688,1462089170][/DOUBLEPOST](sorry for double posting) but wow! nice new website format!


    My goal is to rebrand/fix up all the messages to: "Aspiria > (message)" for majority of commands, so if you guys stop a command that is missing that please tell me and I'll have it fixed.
    • Message Fixing - New feature
    • Chest Sign Editing - Edit your chest protection signs and add info to line 3 and 4.
    • Districts Deletion Fix - This is in the process of being worked on, we have also allowed the ability to buy more blocks in the store.
    Hopefully the new website will also be launching within days.