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    Here are some names:
    • Rasel Lowdom
    • Pairsel Rinds
    • Nim Qualter
    • Alp Sarr
    • Kunff Dound
    • Gillp Ways
    • Spig Powers
    hope you like them! I tried to be creative with them!


    I'm all out of names, but I would be happy to do some art for the website when you lovely moderators have chosen a new name for the server, if thats alright.
    Took me a while but I wrote down some other names that I thought of, the names are:
    1. Atomic Haven
    2.Craft Kingdoms
    3.Crimson Rose
    4.Elite Empire
    5.Faction Factions
    6.Freedom Legends
    7.Freedom Mine
    8.Galactic Haven
    9.Infinite Legends
    10.Massive Nation
    11.Mine Realm
    12.Miners Dream
    13. Miracle Legends
    14.Outrageous Creative
    15.Outrageous Survival
    16.Phoenix Realms
    17.Royal Realms
    18.Survival Galaxy
    19.Survival Islands
    20.Survival Kingdoms
    21.Twilight Town
    22.Universe Realms
    23.Unknown Realms
    24.Unlimited Galaxy
    25.Warrior Haven
    26.Winter Haven
    Some of these might have been used by other people so if they are sorry about that but hopefully some of these are good names for the server if you guys haven't decided on a name yet.
    Dragonia :p
    [DOUBLEPOST=1454283544,1454283504][/DOUBLEPOST]old time survival
    Old Time Survival
    Flying high Survival
    Got To Survive
    Nice Time
    Zelous survival

    There are mine :p
    Here is some ideas, enjoy (my minecraft name is actually YouStoleMyChips)

    Siege Craft
    Profins Humble Abode (craft)
    Green Field Craft
    Minetendo Craft
    Brohah Ville
    Verruckt Ville
    Verruckt Craft
    Verruckt World
    Classic Craft
    Well thats all i got for now, hope u like it :D
    How bout:
    -Sunset Isles

    -MC Acres
    -The Village

    -Ahisma MC (feeling this one)

    That's it for now.