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    So the first thing everyone is talking about is PVP in minecraft. I'm literally 100% not for it (I'm not against it, I'm not for it, get the differences right before bashing on me ouo) unless they do something really good (which I highly doubt so) so minecraft is worthy of calling it 'pvp'

    Also, I noticed somewhere in the forums Vecilion talked about my position about being a clan leader and such. Not sure if you guys noticed he keeps calling me 'Yume' on the server and not Fate because in Cosmic Break, I'm famously hated on known as Yumekui. Same time I'm always asked this question 'what's cb?' and CB is Cosmic Break.

    Anyways, I'll just drop this laggy video off of me playing a REAL PVP game. I couldn't perform really well because I'm recording with a bad program ; w ; (Previous recording program kept bricking my computer) Welp this is 'real pvp' in my opinion o3o

    Skip to 1:15 to see the laggy action

    I should've recorded the 2 games after this one, I rekted so hard ._.


    Bishop of the umi order
    You're comparing a PvP-based game to a sandbox with a W+M1 PvP system whose purpose was to innovate the concept of "freedom" in videogames .-. the way people can be hit by other people in such game is just a fragment of that freedom ,.,
    I'm only posting this because I don't think anyone here really knows what pvp is actually >_> though outa all the games I picked, this one is really bad lol. None the less, people were curious about the game I play and what CB was whenever vecilion said CB o3o


    Bishop of the umi order
    I'm not saying CB or its combat system is better than Minecraft, that'd be stupid of me since I never played it; I' just supporting your point by saying that this game was not developed for specific player combat ,_,


    Bishop of the umi order
    Here's the arguments Mimi uses: "It is highly strategic, and it's not just "point&click": you have to know when to parry, and use clever tactics like strafing and jumping to minimize the taken hits and eventually take some sure critical hits, nonetheless make use of the surprise effect and use various potions to boost the efficiency of your attacks"
    ,_, if I hadn't turned into a dan-yandere Umi'd kill me :c
    Well not sure if I'm a hypocrite but I haven't seen 1.9. Not gonna care to look into it but I'm sure 'pvp' will still be the same ._.

    The 'new' pvp thing might just be added eye candy, just like how 'crits' were eye candy for the people who thought pvp was going to be legitimately possible >_>


    Bishop of the umi order
    It's always like that ,., unless they add parameters like speed difference or attack angle when calculating the damage
    Until you have to know real angles, separate stats, legitimate skill, weaknesses, effectiveness, mobility, (this can go on and on I swear) and much more. I'll consider minecraft having a good 'pvp' system =w=
    So far all MC's been getting were useless eye candy that people think is ground breaking. Sprinting and Crits were 'ground breaking' to the mass, really it's just SLIGHTLY added speed and x2 damage when mashing jump + left click o3o

    I'm surprised people haven't even joined in on this, I'm pretty sure they know what we're saying is all true and that's why they don't even wanna jump in on this because they have the mindset of losing the argument... Honestly I want a challenge, I'm gonna force get some people into this conversation owo
    I'm not against you or anything (oops I accidentally look like the bad guy), I'm actually waiting for someone to be against us Dx I mean like seriously we can keep going about this, it'll be more fun with other people who are against us ; w ;


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    I hope you get ipnagogic paralysis for not sleeping >:3 no srsly, ipnagogic paralysiss (paralyses? uwot inglisc) are awesome(ish)
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    *puts some umicaine and various umidrugs into his bowl of duck food and gives it to 2nd-generation mimies

    Partly off-topic thingy, I think Fractured Space is the best example of PvP-oriented, objective-based games between the games I have played so far ,.,